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My gift isn't fitness. My gift is using health as a vehicle for other teachers to be able to show up to their jobs with a smile on their faces. I have been told time and time again what a gift I have for teaching. Now imagine if I could infect other teachers with this. It starts inside us. It starts with putting ourselves first. If I could help others with this balance, imagine how much more joyful our school would be for kids to want to be there. For teachers to want to be there. To stop conforming to what teaching "norms" are and start making new ones where teachers are valued from the inside out. That is my gift. That is my purpose, and I will use this community to create this culture.

  • Workout, Nutrition, Mindset, and Teaching Resources will be added monthly to the online portal. Have access to tons of workouts, recipes, guides, and resources

  • Be able to pick workouts that work with your busy schedules that will increase your energy and strength.

  • Facebook group for support and encouragement through these tough years

  • A community of teachers created by a teacher

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